Commanding yet graceful our magnificent clubhouse sits perched elegantly on high ground, providing a 360-degree vista of the KN Paradise Resort. Enjoy stunning views from it’s numerous vantage points out over the immaculate sand dunes formed by Mother Nature, the pristine sands of Long Beach and onto the vast waters of the South Sea and its accompanying elusive islands.

Designed inharmony with the elements and to blend seductively with the natural landscape it presides over, our extensive 8,000 sqm clubhouse utilizes open space planning to allow maximum flow of the elements. The featured high ceilings and five doomed skylights combine with the foyers panoramic gable ends, effortlessly allowing an abundance of natural light to cascade into the central lobby.

Blending innovative design, the elements and an array of convenient well-planned facilities along with our KN welcome, our members and guests will find it the perfect place to relax and create many happy and fun filled memories with family and friends.

Address: Long Beach, Cam Ranh Peninsula, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam - Contact: (+84) 2583 999 666 -
Clubhouse Opening Times: 06:00 am - 19:00 pm
TIN: 4201631958 - Legal Representative: Mr. Le Van Kiem - Business registration certificate No. 4201631958 - First register on 31/01/2015