The Shark Challenge 2020 was organized successfully on 24 October

On 24 October 2020 yesterday, KN Golf Links organized successfully the “The Shark Challenge 2020 in partnership with OCB” with the participant of 140 golfers. Established as the annual event, The Shark Challenge this year is the third addition in conjunction with the second birthday anniversary ceremony. The tournament provided golfers an opportunity to experience the golf course set up challenging as the nature of the event name suggest. 

We would like to send our gratitude to our main sponsor OCB, Gold Sponsors Danh Khoi Viet, Toro, Wyndham Grand Cam Ranh, and other sponsors accompanied with KN Golf Links contributing to the huge success of event.

Congratulations to Mr. Lee Chang Nam who excellently became our 3rd Champion of The Shark Challenge in the year 2020 with Gross 79. Below is the score in detail:




Mr. Lee Chang Nam (Gross 79 – HDC 8 – Net 71, countback #10-18: 39)



Best Net

Mr. Trần Xuân Khiên (Gross 79, HDC 9, Net 70)

1st Runner Up

Mr. Park Dong Jin (Gross 84, HDC 13, Net 71)

2nd Runner Up

Mr. Bùi Quốc Dũng (Gross 85, HDC 14, Net 71)




Best Net

Mr. Lê Văn Hoàng (Gross 90, HDC 18, Net 72)

1st Runner Up

Mr. Nguyễn Quang Quí (Gross 91, HDC 19, Net 72, countback #13-18: 33)

2nd Runner Up

Mr. Nam Gi Du (Gross 91, HDC 19, Net 72, countback #13-18: 35)




Best Net

Mr. Phạm Đức Thuận (Gross 96, HDC 24, Net 72)

1st Runner Up

Mr. Nguyễn Viết Hoan (Gross 103, HDC 31, Net 72)

2nd Runner Up

Mr. Phạm Như Huy (Gross 100, HDC 26, Net 74)


Best Net

Ms. Kwon Ki Hyun (Gross 98, HDC 23, Net 75)

1st Runner Up

Ms. Phan Thị Thu Hà (Gross 103, HDC 27, Net 76)




Nearest to the Pin #2

Mr. Jang Jun Ho – 20cm

Nearest to the Pin #4

Mr. Nguyễn Việt Sơn – 2.1 yard

Nearest to the Pin #12

Mr. Uông Sơn Phúc Sơn – 7 yards

Nearest to the Pin #16

Mr. Lý Triều Vân – 1.3 yards

Longest Drive #6

Mr. Lưu Xuân Vĩnh – 283 yards

Longest Drive #14

Ms. Kwon Ki Hyun – 195 yards

Straightest Drive #3

Mr. Trần Anh Khánh – 0.8cm

Straightest Drive #15

Mr. Hoàng Hải Đường – On Line


We hope to continue receiving the support from sponsors as well as golfers in our next 3 tournaments in 2021. Thank you and see you soon!

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Clubhouse Opening Times: 06:00 am - 19:00 pm
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